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Introducing – A New Palette of Water-Based Stains

These new light-toned stains are a perfect fit for today's style trends and a nice complement to most paint colors.


Suede-Wheat-Cameo finishes


Standard Paints

Dusk, Cocoa Creamy, and Perfect Grey

One of the most popular neutral colors in interior design today is grey. What use to be considered mainly a wall color is now being seen just as often in kitchen and bath cabinetry. That's why Haas is excited to announce that we have added Perfect Grey to our standard paint offerings. Because it is a neutral color, Perfect Grey will blend easily into any design – no matter your style.

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Signature Series

Pembroke and Winchester

Available in our Signature Series, Pembroke and Winchester feature a unique width of door framing. This "in-between" sized frame is not as large as our widest door frame offering, but still larger than a standard door frame, making for an appealing transitional door style. Both are available in all maple finishes and different door profiles.

Signature Door Styles →


Signature Series


Signature Door Styles →


Lifestyle Series

Haywood Maple and Canton Maple

Available in our Lifestyle Series, Haywood and Canton feature applied molding which adds an extra dimension to the door styling. Choose from a full complement of maple finishes and design elements to complete just the look you want.

Lifestyle Door Styles →


Lifestyle Flex Program

Want more customizable features in your Lifestyle kitchen?

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Not all computer monitors reflect colors in the same manner. Haas suggests visiting your local dealer to see a more precise color sample of finishes.


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